Fasting for the body

…. is food for the soul

– Saint John Chrysostom

Our mission is to find and present you the latest and reliable information when it comes to Fasting and Autophagy. Our Facebook group has grown to over 40,000 members from around the world. We discuss many topics and issues regarding diet, intermittent fasting, insulin, diseases and healing.

Our goals are to empower people everywhere to dramatically transform their health and way of living.

Eventually we will be a central source to find information, research for accuracy and present to you in an easy way to navigate through.  There are plenty of resources on the internet, many hoping to make a quick buck, making it difficult to trust.  Websites are often trying to sell you products such as pills or push an agenda for the corporations and people funding it. Real long term health can be attained in a way that reduces the need for expensive and unnecessary treatments and medications through fasting and incorporating a healthy diet.

Welcome to the world of learning about the amazing lifestyle of fasting!